The Killer Shrike along with Unicorn are enforcers for the Maggia. They are ordered to kidnap Tony Stark and Gene Khan in order to send a message to Shin Zhang, the leader of the The Tong, and Gene's stepfather. Pepper Potts is also taken as well.[citation needed]

Tony eventualy escapes with the help of Rhodey and the Iron Man armor and fights and beats the two enforcers. The Unicorn and Killer Shrike are then captured and tortured by Gene Khan dressed in the Mandarin armor.

The Mandarin later returns the Unicorn and Killer Shrike to the Maggia, as they attempt to rob the Tongs with Quantum Bombs they had acquired from Mr. Fix.

However, the bombs were designed to annihilate the entire city. A battle ensued between Killer Shrike, Unicorn, the Tong, the Mandarin, and Iron Man, who is really Happy Hogan on a joy ride. Killer Shrike and Unicorn eventually flee, rather than risk death by explosion.[citation needed]

Killer Shrike and Unicorn and the Maggia are stopped during a heist by War Machine who easily defeats them, leaving them for the police.

Killer Shrike and Unicorn were later hired by Justin Hammer.

When Hammer suspected that one of his henchmen were blackmailing him, he attacked them one by one until only Killer Shrike and Unicorn remained. Iron Man interrupted Hammer's attack against them, capturing Killer Shrike. However, Hammer later takes Killer Shrike to his lab and uses a gas to transform him into a zombie.[1]


  • Killer Shrike appears to wear some sort of sophisticated armor system.

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