Dr. Simon Marshall was a pharmaceutical chemist who was working for the Maggia to develop a new designer drug called D-Lite, it was created to act as a cheap substitute for heroin.

Cloak & Dagger

Dr. Marshall would lure teenaged runaways and the homeless to his secret laboratory on Ellis Island he would have his men offer food and shelter, only to turn them into his test subjects. This is how Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson came into contact with Dr. Marshall.

Tandy and Tyrone were brought to Dr. Marshall, who injected them with his latest drug, D-Lite, which had up till now proven fatal to others. The two runaways ended up surviving the ordeal however, and Tyrone and Tandy were unintentionally empowered to become Cloak and Dagger. [1] [2] [3]

Mr. Negative

Mr Negative origins

Another of his subjects was an unnamed human-smuggler was sent off to be a test subject Dr. Marshall. He was injected D-Lite, and waited to see what happens. That night, two of the runaways break open the window and escape. The human-smuggler made a run for it too, but the drug began to elicit side-effects. He later using he new powers became the crimelord known as Mister Negative. [4]


Cloak and Dagger use their new powers to track down the people that experimented on them. Spider-Man interfered, trying to stop them from killing people. Cloak and Dagger gathered all the people responsible for their condition, including Dr. Marshall. When Spider-Man tried to stop them from killing them in cold blood, but he failed as Cloak's darkness makes them all run out of a window and plummet to their deaths.[1]


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