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Simon Rodstvow's origin is a mystery. He appears to be somehow connected to the unique dimension known as the Utopian Parallel, or its hypothetical counterpart, the Dystopian Parallel, even though he himself stated it might not even be an actual place but a different type of concept.[2] The First Firmament had Simon sent to Earth 616 in an effort to destabilize the Cosmic Order to weaken Eternity.[1] Simon was the first member recruited into Philip Nelson Vogt's Troubleshooters.[3]

He and the other Troubleshooters grew suspicious of the activities of Captain Marvel and Black Panther and decided to follow them. They ended up following them to Galactus' ship, Taa II, and learned that the Ultimates had reformed.[4] An attack instigated by Simon led to a confrontation between the Ultimates and Troubleshooters[2], but this fight was interrupted when Simon turned against the Troubleshooters and revealed himself as a servant of the First Firmament, an ancient being that threatened the entire Multiverse.[5]

The Ultimates and Troubleshooters formed an unexpected alliance to fight off Simon. Simon was subdued when the Troubleshooters summoned the Psi-Hawk. Galactus then consumed Simon to absorb his knowledge and learn about the First Firmament.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Energy Manipulation: Can project varying degrees of otherworldly energies as a concussive effect, able to stun even the likes of Carol Danvers.[2]

Relative Appearance Alteration: Revealing himself to be a cosmic predator similar to the Mother Parasite entity; Rodstvow can change his very semblance to blend in with the universe he's occupying.[2]

  • Size Shifting: When changing to his true form, Rodstvow can alternate his physical height as well as his form.[5]

Superhuman Healing: Rodstvow has the ability to rapidly recover from injuries that would be fatal to normal beings. He quickly recovered from having his neck broken by Blue Marvel and even retained consciousness.[2]

Teleportation: Rodstvow is capable of creating star-shaped orange portals, similar to Ms. America's, to travel great distances in an instant. He can even use them in order to cross dimensions to and from the Multiverse at will.[6]

Super-Human Senses: Rodstvow possesses the power to see and feel things that "lesser beings" can't, like energy signatures.[4]

Superhuman Speed: Shown to be fast enough to nearly overtake Blue Marvel in combat.[2]


Demolitions Expert: Simon Rodstvow's specialty within the Troubleshooters was that of demolitions.[3]

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