Dr. Sendach was a scientist who's expertise was in biology. He had become obsessed with replacing human organs with artificial ones and invented a "mechanical stomach" that could sustain the human body on blood. Having gone insane due to his obsession with his work, Sendach began experimenting on human subjects. However, those who installed his "mechanical stomach" became blood thirsty and would go out into the city draining people of their blood. The string of bizarre deaths prompted the police to hire Jack Castle, the physician known as Fiery Mask, to try and solve the mystery. Coming to the conclusion that these were murders, Castle planted a story in the papers that his office had a supply of blood that would cure the "epidemic" that was plaguing the city.

Sure enough, the minions of Sendach stormed his office at night, beating Fiery Mask into submission and stealing his supply of blood. However, this was exactly as Fiery Mask planned as he had put a florescent salt that he could track with his specially enhanced vision to it's location. Tracking the ghouls to Sendach's hideout, Fiery Mask confronted the mad scientist and learned his entire plan. Realizing that he was outnumbered, Fiery Mask fled to the castle's dungeon, freeing Sendach's next intended victim, a young woman. When Sendach attempted to blow-up the hero and his damsel with a stick of dynamite, Fiery Mask grabbed it in mid-air, leaving it with Sendach who was then attacked by his minions.

As Fiery Mask and the woman escaped, the TNT went off, destroying Sendach's hideout.[2] If he was not already dead due to his monstrous creations, the explosion most likely killed him.[citation needed]


Sendach was a brilliant scientist who had invented a "mechanical stomach", which would allow a human being to sustain itself by ingesting blood. The side effect of this procedure would make those who go through the process to become "vampires" of sorts becoming ravenously hungry for human blood.


Sendach had access to TNT

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