Simon Steele was originally born Wolfgang von Lundt. He served as a Nazi and fought Dominic Fortune and Sabbath Raven during World War II. Eventually, he cooperated with the Allies during the end of the war. As a reward, the US Government supplied him with the fake identity of Simon Steele.

Simon's brother Heinrich von Lundt was a fiercely anti-Nazi German nationalist. After being separated from Dominic Fortune Sabbath found love with Heinrich, they married and eventually had a daughter named Elena. Heinrich was murdered in front of Sabbath and Elena when Elena was only four years old. Later Wolfgang, now in his new identity as Simon Steele, asked his sister-in-law to marry him so he could get US Citizenship. Sabbath agreed but soon became disgusted with Simon's nihilistic parenting style. Simon raised Elena to be as vicious as he was.

Eventually Simon Steele and Dominic Fortune had another confrontation when Dominic was looking for info on the location of Sabbath. Simon murdered Dominic's son Jerry who had become the new Dominic Fortune all too briefly. Dominic was surprised to meet Elena who he thought he was Sabbath Raven, somehow still young. Eventually, Dominic reunited with Elena's mother and brought Simon and Elena to justice.

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