Simon Utrecht was a wealthy industrialist who sought to replicate the conditions that created the Fantastic Four. Successful, he became Vector, leader of the evil U-Foes, capable of telekinetically blocking and repelling energy and matter.

Powers and Abilities


Telekinesis/Psychokinesis: Vector possesses telekinetic/psychokinesis abilities allowing him to accelerate, attract, block, and, most prominently, repel matter and energy, directing it away from himself.

  • Telekinetic Repelling
  • Telekinetic Shielding
  • Telekinetic Acceleration
  • Telekinetic Flight: By using his repelling together with his acceleration ability, Vector is also able to fly.


An influx of cosmic radiation can cause a temporary loss of control of his powers, as in deflecting the air around him, deflecting his own body from the Earth, being deflected into other dimensions.

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