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Flag of Sin-Cong from Marvel Atlas Vol 1 1 001

Sin-Cong is a country located in central Asia. It has been described as a communist-ruled puppet state.[3]


Mystical Beginnings[]

The land that would one day become the nation of Sing-Cong was extra-dimensional in origin: a powerful being called Shan-K'ang was trying to hide from the deadly Kaaragga from her own universe and found a passageway to Earth-616; however, she passed only partially to that universe and became part of Planet Earth, fitting between the pre-existing nations of Southeast Asia. She camouflaged herself, for fear of attracting the Kaaragga, and mimicked the other countries' geography and culture,[4] including becoming a protectorate of French. It was then the 1850s.[3]

In the following decades, the first people were lured to the region and, with time, a royal family emerged, calling themselves the Sens.[5] During World War II, Japan occupied the area, but, after it ended, the French returned.[2] Still, in the midst of all this, the Sens' royal line retained some supporters that defended they were the rightful rulers.[5]

Neverending Wars[]

When the other provinces of French Indochina began fighting for their independence, Lady Lotus built a safe haven in the hills, where people could thrive and live in peace, using the power of the lotus flowers to keep it hidden from outside forces.[5]

The refuge was left unharmed, away from the conflict, but the Indochina Wars kept going for decades, with the Sens intermingling with the French and fighting against the communist revolutionaries. With the end of the Vietnam War, the European powers were finally driven out of the neighboring countries, but the interest in Siancong rose as multiple countries fought to lay claim to the country's mysterious energy source known as the "Dragon Breath", marking the beginning of the Siancong War.[6][7][5]

In the years of the war, the country's official name went through a few changes, including Free State of Sin-Cong and United Lands of Western Sin-Cong.[2] During this time, the government was technically a democracy, but, in reality, the communist party controlled the east, while the Sens ruled over the west.[7]

Eventually, Lotus sought to end the war and instructed her sons were to get their side to attend a peace meeting in Madripoor. The peace talks lasted for weeks, and as they were finally heading somewhere, they were interrupted by a confrontation between the Titanic Three and the American heroes, resulting in 42 deaths, among them Lotus' two sons. Devastated, she tapped into more power than ever before and made every foreigner leave the country with no memory of what they were fighting for, effectively ending the war once and for all.[8]

When the Chinese military adviser Major Hoy stepped in to manage the government, he employed a robot called the Commissar and used his superior physical capabilities to intimidate the locals. The Avengers were lured to the country by a fake distress call sent by Hoy, hoping to test his creation by defeating the Avengers (which he did for a time), but the ruse was exposed by the Scarlet Witch, turning the townspeople against their tyrant.[9][3][1]

As the Avengers escaped, Hoy was inspired by the Avengers' origins to experiment on his citizens, sinking half of his treasury into efforts to make them un-humans.[1]

When Hoy's son became the new Commissar of Sin-Cong, the official name of the nation had been changed to the People's Republic of Sin-Cong. This Commissar developed his nation's military with giant robots and advanced military equipment, partnering with Hydra to supply them without S.H.I.E.L.D. knowing with relative certainty their full capabilities, but also partnered with Hydra.[1]

When the Terrigen Cloud hit the nation of Sin-Cong, many Nuhumans manifested through Terrigenesis, including Thahn Ng, the Living Dream. A xenophobic regime, the government stated that no transformations had been triggered, while having the military hunt down and burn alive both the cocoons and their families. Given some Sin-Cong's refugees in New York had manifested, the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission decided to investigate the situation and traveled to Sin-Cong. The Commissar tried to hide the truth from the Inhuman group, but they found out about it and managed to overthrow his rule in the process, vowing to help build a peaceful regime with their resources. The Android Commissar was then appointed the new leader, claiming to be Major Hoy, while, in reality, Thahn Ng was the one in charge.[10]

Shortly afterwards, Sin-Cong unveiled a military upgrade (using alien technology supplied by the Zoo Family) for all troops and went on performing "war games" on the border with the Southeast Asian Republic.[11]

Origins revealed[]

For unrevealed reasons, Sin-Cong then became Siancong. During this period, Lady Lotus returned to the country[2] and erected a black dome around it, killing everyone that came into contact with it. As news of the dome spread across the globe, she broadcasted a message to the outside announcing that Siancong would no longer tolerate being subjugated by others and threatening any who tried to transgress against it.[12]

A team of heroes pierced the dome and tried to interfere with her plans, but Lotus got the upper hand and captured the whole squad, locking them away before deciding what to do with them. Thanks to external help, however, they managed to get free and found themselves at the gates connecting to Shan-K'ang's reality.[13]

After hearing her story, the heroes returned to their universe accompanied by Shan-K'ang,[4] who was finally able to lose the Kaaragga and become whole once again. The problem was, in the process of gathering her strengths, she began collapsing the entire country.[14]

Finally understanding the origin of the "Dragon Breath" and unwilling to renounce her power, Lotus tried to enslave Shan-K'ang to her will, but was knocked out by Kevin Schumer, using one of Porcupine's sedative quills. With this, the mysterious Threadneedle appeared and calmed down his "sister", helping her stop the destruction by leaving a little of her power behind.[14]

In the aftermath, the land spanned less than a 150 squared miles, and a containment facility was built to block the "power-geyser" Shan-K'ang left behind and contain the Kaaragga.[14]



The major languages of Sin-Cong are Sin-Congese, English, French and Chinese.[3] However, English is allegedly untaught outside the citadel.[1]

Technology and economy[]

Sin-Cong possessed homemade advanced technology, including truly unbreakable glass, which was at some point intended to be used for cell phone screens.[15]

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  • Sin-Cong/Siancong shares many parallels with the nation of North Korea. Additionally, Sin-Cong/Siancong is also a stand-in for Vietnam.
  • Sin-Cong/Siancong had been the target of numerous retcon, particularly in The Marvels, as the participants of its history have to be replaced by their ancestors to account for Marvel's Sliding Timescale.

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