The Sin Eater appeared in New York City shortly after the death of Emil Gregg, who he claimed to be the ghost of. Establishing a base in New York's sewers decorated with files from the original Sin Eater investigation, he began hunting people who he deemed to be corrupt, consuming their sins in the form of green spectres that emerged from their corpses. His first known victim was Chris Rollins, a CVN reporter. When asked if he was "the cop", the Sin Eater dismissed Carter as an imposter. He next targeted Alice Gleason, an ambitious and ruthless CVN reporter aiming to take Rollins's spot. Seemingly killed by Carnage, the Sin Eater regenerated and later abducted Alice, taking her to his base. Before he could kill her, Carnage intervened and fed his sins to the Sin Eater, initially causing him to grow into a giant. However, Carnage's sins overloaded the Sin Eater and he shrivelled into a desiccated corpse before dissolving.[1]

The Sin Eater claims to be the ghost of Emil Gregg, contemptuously deriding Stanley Carter, long presumed to be the real original Sin Eater, as an imposter.[2][3]


The Sin Eater is capable of literally eating the sins of those he kills, which manifest as nightmarish green spectres that emerge from their corpses. He is also capable of regenerating from injuries.[2]


The Sin Eater wields a shotgun.

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