In his public life, Sinclair gives to charity via his Abbott Foundation. During social gatherings he appeared alongside his wife Greta.[1]

As Spymaster, he ordered his predecessor murdered while in prison. He sent the Ghost after Iron Man and attempted to acquire the Living Laser.

Abbott was later hired by agents of Mandarin to attack Stark's closest allies. He personally attacked Happy Hogan, leaving him in a comatose state.[2]

Recently, he helped Mandarin in his vengeance on Iron Man, infiltrating Stark Resilient in the guise of Leonard Pimacher. He maintained a relationship with Tim Cababa, Pimacher's boyfriend, and even came to love him as well. He continued to carry out his mission to attack Resilient, but spared Tim's life. He was overpowered by the combined forces of Bethany Cabe, Carson Wyche and Bambi Arbogast, and arrested and hospitalized.

Sinclair's weapons were taken from him and was expected to be transferred to a prison. He was shot repeatedly by the police officers guarding his hospital bed when he managed to take a gun from one of them; performed a suicide-by-cop.[3]


Abbott has no superhuman powers; he wears a Kevlar/Vibranium suit outfitted with various devices and weapons.


Espionage, technology, public speaking


Image inducer, voice modulator


Sniper rifle with .57 Vibranium shells, energy nunchaku, various grenades.

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