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Singa's transformation into a werewolf

Singa was a native of Pakistan who acted as the guide and assistant of Dr. Roberts and explorer and his assistant Robert Harrison. When Harrison stumbled upon an ancient treasure, Singa wanted the treasure for himself. So, Singa injected a mixture of rare herbs into Harrison, transforming him into a werewolf. Unaware of this, Dr. Roberts brought Harrison back to America with Singa in tow to try and find a cure. Roberts sought out the aid of Doctor Lin, who was unable to cure Harrison. Reading about the Angel and recognizing him as his old student, Lin released Harrison into the city in the hopes that the Angel would capture Harrison and find a way to cure him.

When the Angel attempted to do so, Singa injected himself with his werewolf serum and attempted to slay the hero. The Angel overpowered Singa and tossed him out a window to his seeming demise. The Angel then cured Harrison shortly afterward who reveal Singa's involvement with his transformation.[1]

Powers and Abilities


In werewolf form, Singa had enhanced strength, and characteristics common to werewolves; however, he did not seem to have any of their mystical protections.


Unlike traditional supernatural werewolves, Singa was completely mortal and could be killed by something that could kill a normal human being.


The entry for Werewolves in Marvel Zombies: The Book Of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities #1 states that a chemical created by the Tibetan Singa (misspelled as "Linga") transformed himself and Robert Harrison into werewolf-like creatures who fought the Angel. Nightshade (Tilda Johnson) has likewise developed various formulas to turn human beings into non-supernatural werewolves (see Grimrock Prison werewolves Captain America #164.

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