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Sinister London was constructed by Mister Sinister. It's design is based on London of the 19th century at the height of the British Empire. It was created after he had stolen the power of the Dreaming Celestial in San Francisco. Having used the energy to create a large number of clones of himself, all of whom would think the same way, he set about using his new army's amazing power, as well as the stolen cosmic energy, to build a city. He conquered a chunk of Subterranea under Anchorage, Alaska, exterminating its native Moloids, and built the city that was to showcase his perfect new species: Sinister London.[1]

Oh Strange Unpleasant Land

During the Phoenix Five Incident, the city was invaded by the Phoenix-empowered X-Men. Despite the best efforts of the inhabitants, which included cloned armies of some of the X-Men's fiercest foes, Mister Sinister's forces were wiped from existence, the Creation Engines destroyed and the stolen cosmic energy restored to its rightful owner.[2]

Rings Of The Mandarins

The inheritors of the Mandarin's Rings were chosen for their singular hatred of Tony Stark. However, once they came together, they decided to use their powers for profit. Allying themselves with the Mole Man, they took the ruins of Sinister London as their base, renamed "Mandarins City", and began using Moloid slave labor to construct replicas of the Makluan rings, which they planned to sell as weapons on the open market. They justified these actions to the A.I.s controlling the rings by arguing that the resulting global chaos would destroy Tony Stark. Tony Stark, supported by the Trojan Guard and a few allies in customized suits of armor, attacked the city and defeated the Mandarins.[3]

Points of Interest

Celestial Loom, Krakoa Clone, Creation Engines.


Clone army consisting of Sinisters, Cyclopses, Phoenix Hosts, Gambits, Hounds, Marauder Battalion Guards, Phalanx Clones, Mystiques


The city is self-produced and Sinister's society was a self-challenging system, therefore rebellion and revolution against the status quo that Nathaniel had created are also apart of said system to test itself.

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