Quote1 This is too important to leave in your incompetent hands. This requires my experts. My best. My brightest. My elite guard. This calls for the skills of... My Sinister Six! Quote2
-- Regent


When Spider-Man came back into action, the Regent sent his elite squad, the Sinister Six, to hunt him.[1]

The Sinister Six eventually tracked him down at the Tinkerer's shop, but Spider-Man violently attacked Doctor Octopus and escaped. While there, Kraven the Hunter realized that Spider-Man was acting like a scared father. With this knowledge they planned to ambush Spidey and his family at Public School 122 Mamie Fay. While their plan worked, Spider-Man's wife and daughter were rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D..[2]

Noticing his family's disappearance, Spider-Man beat his enemies in a blind rage. When Regent informed them of the location of a rebellion, they recruited Beetle, Boomerang, and Rhino, Shocker to fill in their membership gaps. Despite the new members, the team was no match for Spider-Man's daughter.[3]

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