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During the downfall of Apocalypse, Sinister recovered the body of Jean Grey, seemingly thought dead[1] after she manifested the Phoenix Force to save the world from eradication. As Magneto was credited for this miracle, Sinister used his knowledge of the truth to blackmail Magneto into staying away from him while the X-Men went after war criminals during Apocalypse's regime.[2]

He formed the Sinister Six, a group of six mutants that included a brainwashed Jean Grey, Sonique, Sauron, Cloak, Dagger,[3] and the Blob.[4]

When Magneto was forced to tell his X-Men the truth, he led them to Liberty Island where Sinister revealed his minions to the X-Men and a battle broke out.[3] They managed to slay some of the X-Men: Gambit was lost in Cloak's Darkforce Dimension, and Quicksilver died upon impacting with Sauron. However, the Sinister Six would not be victorious in their fight: Sonique was knocked out by Silver Samurai, and the Blob was knocked out by Rogue. Cloak was struck down by a lethal lightning bolt by Storm, while Magneto slayed both Dagger and Sauron. Jean Grey was freed from Sinister's control and she horribly burned her manipulator before he was killed at the hands of Weapon X and his daughter Kirika.[4]

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