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Sinister Foes of Spider-Man
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The Sinister Six was assembled by the Grandmaster to hunt down Spider-Man, the Collector's favorite Champion, due to his particular distaste for him.

After five of the six members were defeated by the combined mighty of Spider-Man and the Summoner, Doctor Octopus confronted them to reveal that the Grandmaster had provided the data of each battle to him so he could prepare himself to their eventual battle. Additionally, the other members of the Sinister Six returned, effectively cornering the duo. However, to the villains' surprise, the other Spider-People of Battlerealm showed up to help the pair defeat them.

As the rest of the Sinister Six clashed with the other Spiders, Doctor Octopus fought against Spider-Man and the Summoner, being ultimately defeated despite his advantage over them.[1]

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