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Green Goblin, numerous other members.
First appearance

Marvel Avengers Academy
(June 23rd, 2016)


The Sinister Six was a villainous group that battled Spider-Man and numerous other heroes around New York City.


On their leader, the Green Goblin orders, the Sinister Six were working on a secret plan to use the alien Klyntar, and their symbiotic abilities to create technology to help them further their evil plans. With the intent of stealing information, Norman Osborn moved his facilities close to the Avengers Academy.

To divert the attention of their arc-nemesis Spider-Man, the Sinister Six, and their allies started committing a number of crimes around New York City, while making it seems it was Spider-Man doing.

Eventually Spider-Man was able to clear his name, and defeat the Sinister Six, but in the final battle between Spider-Man, and the Green Goblin, Oscorp labs blew up, and the trapped Klyntar were freed, starting to take over humans hosts, and wanting revenge.

A Web of Wonders

After the Green Goblin was defeated, and joined Avengers Academy, Mysterio took over leadership of the Sinister Six. He freed Electro from prison, and decided to attack the Academy himself, but he also was defeated by the Academy students.

When the conflict with the Klyntar was decided, Eddie Brock who was himself a human host for a Klyntar, decided to remake the team, so he could make them use their abilities for good, and to keep an eye on them, he also asked Black Widow to be their new leader. [1]

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