The Sinister Six's history is presumably similar to their Earth-616 counterpart's up to the point where Spider-Man first bonded to the Venom symbiote. When Spider-Man began killing criminals and went as far as threaten J. Jonah Jameson to stop smearing him, Jameson decided to hire Spider-Man's enemies and form the Sinister Six as he considered Spider-Man a greater threat than them. The group decided not to make a move until Kraven the Hunter formed a plan. Doctor Octopus planned to kill his fellow criminals as he didn't trust them but was then killed by Eddie Brock who stated that he would be the one to kill Spider-Man.[1]

Eddie then took Doctor Octopus' place among the Sinister Six as he wanted revenge against Spider-Man for what he believed was his ruined life. The Sinister Six lured Spider-Man into a remote area instead of the city so other superheroes weren't drawn into the conflict by sending in the Beetle to feed Spider-Man information. When Spider-Man arrived, Mysterio covered the area with illusions while providing his teammates with glasses that filtered out the illusions. However, Spider-Man hid underground and launched a sneak attack. He killed Mysterio and then killed Rhino. Eddie tried attacking, but he was kicked away by Spider-Man. When Electro attacked Spider-Man, he smothered the villain with his black suit's biomass. Then Jameson attacked Spider-Man with a remotely-piloted Spider-Slayer Mark V and shoved him into a burning barn. Jameson was about to kill Spider-Man, but Spider-Man convinced him to help him remove the black suit that was controlling him. Kraven the Hunter created an explosion in the barn in a final attempt to kill Spider-Man. Kraven thought Spider-Man was dead when the Spider-Slayer emerged while carrying him. Then Jameson clubbed Kraven in the head and got a still-alive Spider-Man to safety.[2]



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