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Quote1.png While you all have been selfishly saving your own skin from the Inheritors, we have been here. Taking your city apart. Brink by brink. Soon, all the power will be ours. And when it is, your dimension will be destroyed. Everyone and everything you have ever loved will be gone. Not even a memory. It is not a matter of if it will happen. Only when. Quote2.png
Doctor Octopus[src]


When the Sinister Six started out, they were able to conquer their native Earth. Collecting the reality's Isotope-8, they were able to create a inter-dimensional portal. Utilizing inter-dimensional warships, they set out to conquer alternate worlds. During their travels, they recruited alternate versions of the original members and an army of henchmen. They finally met their match when they reached Earth-TRN461, who had created an inter-dimensional team of their worst enemy to combat them.[1]





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