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Following Kraven's HUNTED event in Central Park, Adrian Toomes formed the Savage Six with a membership of animal-themed foes of Spider-Man's. When Otto Octavius was reverted back to his villainous self, he journeyed to fill in the gaps on his memory. With Otto back in New York, his mind more addled than before, he reunites old allies in a war with Vulture as there can only be one leader of a Sinister Six.

With the fallout of King's Ransom and the Chameleon Conspiracy, Spider-Man's life is once more uprooted beyond his control. With no time to process how to adapt, he must endeavor to stop Octavius and Toomes from turning New York into a battleground with their skirmish of Sinister Sextets. But with the war underway, Kindred's return with a greater ferocity against the Web-Head signals the culmination of his master plan against Peter Parker.




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