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Quote1.png So now you see how the story goes, Pete. People don't change-- no matter how hard they try. Our parts are written for us. We're just the players on a stage. Now let me show you the end. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Sinister War: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Sinister War: Part 3"

As Spider-Man bleeds profusely from Anastasia's dagger wound in his back, weak from blood loss, he is met by the fortuitous arrival of Black Cat alongside Wolverine and Human Torch for back up, only for the Lizard to charge in seconds later revealing the illusion by Mysterio to lull Spider-Man into false security. Now before him stood the original Sinister Six seeking to kill Spider-Man and be done with him. Taking turns in unrelenting fervor to meet the deadline, Spider-Man attempts pleading with Doc Ock given the change he made. As Otto hesitates, Mysterio reminds him of sacrificing his movie premiere for this and the others also demand action. As Otto says he'll do it, Scorpion stuns him as the Savage Six arrive to claim Spider-Man's life, but the two factions instead fight each other as Spider-Man limps away. Buying only a few seconds of free time to escape, Peter wills himself to run to find Mary Jane but is caught off guard by Tarantula.

Boomerang flies overhead to survey the scene to find Spider-Man pushed beyond his limits against the Savage Six, relaying the details to his team on the ground. As Tarantula laments on not being as recognized as the other villains in the Sinister factions, he feels he will be after killing the hero. However, Boomerang intervenes in time for The Superior Foes to enter the scene and battle the Savage Six for Spider-Man. Coming face to face with Spider-Man, Boomerang's guilt supersedes his loyalty to his faction, keys Spider-Man to run, faking that his explosive boomerang was hit and provides a smokescreen for Spider-Man to escape. Overdrive goes to pick up Boomerang, who didn't see where Spider-Man went and the two are in apprehension witnessing the skirmish between many Sinister factions.

During the graveyard battles, Kindred narrates how finally Peter is about to face his sins and how he almost felt sorry for Peter. With the climax nearing, he felt it was time for the need to unleash one final surprise in the reanimated Sin-Eater, who hates Kindred as much as he hates Spider-Man. With Sin-Eater walking the Earth once more, five sin demons are freed from his walking corpse and seek out their original bearers. As Spider-Man makes his way to an alley after escaping the graveyard, he rests behind a dumpster to catch his breath only to be found by Sin-Eater with a sinful Sinister Six membership of The Living Laser, Grey Gargoyle, Whirlwind, Juggernaut, and Morlun.

As the various Sinister Faction members race about, Kindred narrates how nobody really changes no matter how hard they try to. How their parts in life are written for them, that life is a stage and they are the players. With everything said and done, Kindred invites Peter to witness the end.

Solicit Synopsis

• You haven’t read the end of SINISTER WAR #2 yet, but when you do, YOU WILL BE VERY MAD YOU HAD TO WAIT TWO WEEKS FOR THIS!

• Things have never been worse for Spider-Man, and it’ll be a MIRACLE if he makes it through this alive.

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