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Quote1.png Hard to believe that this night started with a celebration. Where my biggest challenge was working up the nerve to ask MJ to... Well, to ask a big question. Not trying to survive a battle royal with every single baddie who's ever looked at me sideways. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Appearing in "Sinister War: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "Sinister War: Conclusion"

Reflecting on how the night started, Spider-Man runs from the Sinful Six through a New York City street and uses their own coordination to have Whirlwind petrified by Gray Gargoyle. Fatigued, he is too slow to avoid a stunning blow by Sin-Eater, angry that his damnation was interrupted by Spider-Man's refusal to accept his sins, but Spider-Man counters by webbing the shotgun to destroy Sin-Eater's hands as he web swings his way to somewhere less populated. As the other Sinister teams respectively regroup, Kindred narrates how tired he is of Peter repeating the same old play: he's hurt & hides, the villains find him, they all fight. However, since everyone is motivated by serving Kindred as the individual who killed Spider-Man, eternal damnation awaits the rest and so the various villains cannot stop.

Kindred privately rages at his tomb for Peter to just accept his fate of a warrior's death, that this is a fight he can't win, and accept the denouement of his life. Narrating that Spider-Man and his villains reciprocatively shaped each other, Morlun is about to consume Spider-Man's life force as the other villains fight each other. However, Boomerang gets Morlun off him but dies having his life force drained instead, sending Spider-Man into a reenergized rage. Remembering Fred's betrayal, Peter refuses to allow his sacrifice be for nothing while Fred's old and new crew mates see his death and are moved to help Spider-Man thin the numbers of the other Sinister teams- enraging Kindred. Concurrently, Octavius tinkers on a poached emitter from Black Ant's helmet as the others fight to enact his own "final plan", then triggering a frequency making everyone incapacitated- surprising Kindred.

Otto reveals to Spider-Man that he freed everyone of Kindred, as he is no one's slave, explaining he took the centipede from Sin-Eater's head, changed the frequency from Black Ant's helmet antennae from 'ants' to 'centipedes', and created a frequency to kill the entrenched bugs in everyone's heads. Spider-Man thanks him, but Otto retracts to tell him he did so as Kindred reneged on their deal for answers and so Otto repaid his betrayal by denying him his vengeance. Taking his leave, he advises Spider-Man to make himself scarce before the others awaken or if Otto reconsiders letting him live; Peter takes the advice, remembering Kindred still has Mary Jane somewhere. At Hotel Inferno, Mephisto laments on losing the souls of the Sinister villains. Yet when Doctor Strange inquires on Spider-Man, Mephisto told him that Peter walked away now but should celebrate small victories, as the demon had the feeling of an imminent big loss.

Solicit Synopsis

• Things just got worse for Spider-Man. IT Didn’t seem possible, but it’s true.

• If you think you have seen Spider-Man take a beating, you haven’t seen anything this brutal.

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