Sinon was one of the warriors who sailed to Troy to help Menelaus retrieve his wife Helen who had been taken by Troy king Priam's son Priam.[1]

After Athena came to Epelus in his dreams, urging him and the Argives to fashion from wood a great and massive horse, a squad of warriors entered the hollow wooden horse, the rest of the Argives retreated to Tenedos, leaving Sinon behind to pretend that the horse was a gift to Athena, and that himself had hid because his fellow Argives who intended to sacrifice him to the sea-powers for a safe travel home.[1]

Despite some Trojans doubting Sinon, those who believed him carried the day, bringing him and the horse within the walls of the city.[1]

Sinon watched as the Trojans feasted their apparent victory, and once they were asleep, loaded of wine and meat, he raised a fire to signal the Achaeans at Tenedos to return, then alerted the warriors inside the horse, including Odysseus, Menelaus, Diomedes and Anticlus, to come out. They then slaughtered the guards and opened the gates for the Achaean army, offering them victory.[2]

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