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The Sioux are a tribe of native peoples that are indigenous to the United States and Canada, whose history spans back many centuries.

Presumably, the history of the Sioux on Earth-616 mirrors that of their real world counterparts.

American Frontier

Many tribes of the Sioux people either clashed or allied themselves with various Western heroes who were active at the time, such as the Arizona Kid and the Black Rider, depending on the circumstances.

A tribe of Sioux near Chapaqua Springs had their buffalo hunted by Bull Cobin under orders of Senator Talley Wing, and they were nearly wiped out themselves. They were saved from full-on slaughter by the Arizona Kid and the Texas Rangers.[1] Another tribe was led by Far Eagle in the state of Wyoming; one of their number, a warrior named Green Lizard, killed the Janeway family and took their daughter Elle as his bride. Green Lizard then tried to instigate a war with the Blackfeet in an attempt to take over the tribe, but was killed by the Black Rider, who then freed Elle and reestablished peace between the Sioux and Blackfoot.[2]

A tribe of Sioux, led by Black Bull, were the mortal enemies of a Pawnee tribe formally the band of the warrior Arrowhead. This Sioux tribe was hired by outlaw Joel Turk to kidnap Pawnee woman Doe Eyes to make her his bride. Arrowhead came to Doe Eye's rescue, slaying Black Bull in the process.[3]

An exile and renegade of his own people, Arrowhead sought allies in his quest to rid his land of white settlers. He sought membership in another group of Sioux, who were convinced to allow him to join their band. Arrowhead led the Sioux in a battle with US soldiers until the soldiers were forced to retreat; however, he was disappointed when the group of Sioux saw an overcast sky as an omen to cease fighting, and he left their ranks to continue his quest alone.[4]

A gang of outlaw Sioux stole cattle from the ranchers who lived around Caliber City, Texas. They were stopped by the United States Army with the assistance of the Outlaw Kid and his allies, Emilio Diaz and Red Hawk.[5]

Another was led by Chief Mighty Bear, who upon his deathbed turned over control of the tribe to his son Little Eagle. However, the tribal medicine man Saganak plotted to set his people to war against the white settlers, and kidnapped Little Eagle in an attempt to convince the tribe that they were wronged by their "enemies". This plot was exposed by the original Rawhide Kid.[6] A band of Sioux warriors also clashed with US Marshal Kid Slade and a wagon train carrying medicine to the fever stricken town of Bonanza.[7] The Western Kid assisted Red Arrow in defending his tribe from a gang of outlaws.[8]

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