In the alternate universe of the Marvel Mangaverse, the Invisible Girl is Sioux Storm. Her half-sister is Jonatha Storm. Sioux has near psychosis-level emotional detachment and may suffer from Borderline personality disorder. In order to get her to fight—or show any interest in what is going on—Reed has her suit dump near-overdoses of battle stimulants and aggressor hormones into her bloodstream. She is a member of the Megascale Metatalent Response Team Fantastic Four. The team uses power packs that allow them to manifest at mecha-sized levels. Sioux projects a 200 ft (61 m) tall "invisible friend" constructed from her invisible force fields. The team fights Godzilla-sized monsters from various alien xenocultures that attack Earth in order to put an end to experiments that endanger all of reality. In Mangaverse volume 1 the team destroys a mecha-like Annihilus.

In New Mangaverse Sioux is murdered by ninja assassins dispatched by the Hand.


Forcefield Metatalent: While seemingly lacking her 616 counterpart's ability to turn invisible, she can manifest invisible forcefield constructs including hammers and the like. She appears to be most adept at creating life-like constructs however, including duplicates of Reed and Ben after their deaths.


Metatalent Augmentation Suit: The standard suit for the team, they contain an internal power source to allow them to generate Megascale Metatalents. Sioux's suit at least injects her with near overdoses of drugs and hormones in order to increase her aggression.

  • Sioux is detached to the point of borderline personality disorder according to Reed.
  • When she was younger, Sioux had imaginary friends. Whether they were child-like play or indication of mental problems is never clarified.

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