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Sir Lepard is an evolved leopard created by the High Evolutionary as one of his Knights of Wundagore. [citation needed]

When the High Evolutionary later created the Man-Beast from an evolved wolf, he was quickly betrayed by his creation and ousted from his citadel on Wundagore Mountain.[1] Lepard, along with the rest of the New Men, teamed up with Thor to defeat him and reclaim their home. After the battle, the Evolutionary decided to convert his base into a starship and leave earth along with his knights.[2]

The High Evolutionary later migrates his New Men to a planet in the Sirius solar system he called Wundagore II. Giving in to their animalistic nature, all New Men, including the Knights, eventually became savage and warlike. With their society threatened, the Evolutionary evolved himself into possessing god-like psionic powers and devolved his own creations, including Lepard, back into normal animals. [citation needed]

Some time later, this world would be discovered by Commander Arcturus of the Rigellian colonizers who was seeking a new homeworld to use as a staging ground to wage war against his people's leader, the Grand Commissioner. When one of Arcturus' irradiated probes lands on Wundagore II, it creates a mutagenic effect which evolves all the New Men back to their humanoid forms. Arcturus' fleet attacks the planet, and though they are ultimately repelled by a collaboration of the Knights, Iron Man, the Jack of Hearts, and the Soviet Super-Soldiers, Sir Lepard perishes during the battle.[3]

The High Evolutionary created another Sir Lepard.



Evolved from a leopard, therefore has traits and characteristics of a leopard.

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