One of the changelings created by Woodgod, she made potions for the Changelings.

After a fight broke out between Woodgod and Doc Samson, and with the Changelings help, Woodgod was able to evacuate the wounded Centauron back to the Changelings’ village, while kidnapping Rick, Betty, General Ross and Fred.[1]

She made a healing potion for Centauron, but whilst she was distracted by the arrival of the Hulk, Leoninus poisoned it. She then tried to attack the Hulk, but he threw her across the village. [2]

She refused to fight the humans, and found that her potion had been poisoned by Leoninus. She persuaded the Hulk to return to the village and save his friends. After she announced Leoninus had killed Centauron, she fought Leoninus and his changelings. Once the battle was won, she persuaded Fred Sloan to stay, as they had fallen in love. [3]

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