Early Years

Siriana (also known as Siri) of the Aesir was the lover of Heimdall of the Vanir, but were divided by the Aesir/Vanir War.[1]

When the War ended, Siriana and Heimdall's wedding was planned. To save bridal modesty, a magical dress was designed in order to prevent Heimdall, the All-Seeing, to see through it.[1]

For some reason, the wedding never happened and the dress was left protected in the Union Temple in Vanaheim.[1]

Modern Days

She remained or returned at some time as Heimdall's bedmate.[2][3]

When Loki returned the stolen Destroyer and Heimdall interrogated him on who could have done it, Siri taunted him by stating it was presumably one of Odin's living sons but not Hermod, clearly accusing Loki.[2]

When Heimdall was tormented with visions of assassins in Asgard as Ulik impersonated the God of Thunder under the guise of Tanarus (who had assaulted him), Siri cared for him.[4]

She lived with him and they were later rejoined by Hati, the spawn of two Hel wolves offered by Loki.[3]

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