The Siris are a race of octopus-like aliens from the planet Yormot.A Sirian attempted to conquer Earth by manipulating humanity into a nuclear world war by posing as the Mutant Master.[1] Upon discovery he was defeated by the combined forces of the X-Men and the mutants of his Factor Three who turned on him. As a Sirian he preferred suicide to capture and detonated his vehicle.[2]


Habitat: 81% of surface covered by water with a tropical climate
Gravity: 140% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 64% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 12% methane
Population: 3.6 billion


Type of Government: Planet-wide technocracy.[3]
Level of Technology: Moderately advanced with warp driven starships,[3] lasers,[4] force fields,[4] hovering vehicles,[4] androids,[4]
Cultural Traits: Imperialistic, ruthless, contemptuous.[3]
Representatives: Mutant Master

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