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Banished to the Shadowside Dimension following the defeat of Lilith by the Atlantean sorcerers, Sister Nil along with her fellow Lilin were resurrected on Earth whereupon she was sent to attack Dr. Strange and the Midnight Sons. Nil was sent to infiltrate Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, where she drained the life from Imei Chang, the fiancée of Strange's servant Wong. Strange quickly defeated her and mistakenly believed her to no longer be a threat. Once again, Nil turned up in the Sanctum and was caught by Strange. He trapped her in his mystic bindings and she became his ward. During this captivity, Nil began to seek and learn about humanity. In that time, she escorted Morbius, Blade, and Vengeance to her master and began to feel love for Strange. Along with her new feelings of love, she felt jealousy towards Clea, Strange's ex-lover. While Strange was away, the sorceress Salomé invaded the Sanctum. If not for Nil's distractions, Strange would not have made it back in time. Strange battled Salomé upon his return and Nil almost sacrificed her life to help stop her. Sensing Nil had changed during her time in his captivity, Strange rewarded her with her freedom following the battle. She was soon targeted by Nightmare to become his heir in the Nightmare Realm, but Strange was able to foil his scheme. Still wishing to learn more about humanity, Nil soon disappeared from Strange's life under unrevealed circumstances, and her current whereabouts remain a mystery.


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Sister Nil is a Lilin and succubus. Her touch can cause death in living organic beings, and she possesses regenerative healing powers. She is long lived and highly resistant to conventional illnesses and disease. She has some mystical training and knowledge tutored by Doctor Strange.

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