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Six-Gun Empire
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Hidden Valley, Texas
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The Six-Gun Empire were a gang of outlaws who were active during the days of the American Frontier. They eventually set up camp in Hidden Valley. They hit to the trails and kidnapped people they crossed paths with and forced them into slavery to provide for the outlaws. The Six-Gun Empire was led by a man named Whip, who earned his nickname for his prowess with the weapon, and use of it to punish slaves.

Eventually the Empire captured western hero Two-Gun Kid and put him to work in a grist mill. There Two-Gun convinced the workers to revolt and they jumped their guard. Breaking into the Empire's armory, Two-Gun led the revolting slaves in an ambush of Whip's cabin. There they caught the members of the Six-Gun Empire unaware and forced them to surrender. They were then turned over to the authorities.[1]

The fate of the surviving members is currently unknown.


Transportation: Horses.
Weapons: Six-guns, rifles, whips

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