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Official Name
The Six
S.W.O.R.D Teleport Team
Team Leader(s)
Identity and Affiliations
Group of mutants that enable translocation anywhere within the known multiverse with their combined mutant powers
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The Six were formed as a part of S.W.O.R.D. to utilize further exploration Mutant Technology. While they are called the Six, that only refers to the main teleporters. They are the first stage of the circuit of this type of mutant technology. While in actuality, an additional five mutants are needed for their specific gifts to ensure the process can work and go smoothly and safely during the second stage of the circuit.

As The Five combine their powers in unison and harmony to achieve resurrection, the Six combine their various types of mid-to-long range teleportation powers and the protection and power augmentation needed by the other members to reach different points in space, be it locally in their native universe, other dimensions, or through the multiverse.


The Six were formed to help S.W.O.R.D to be able to go anywhere they needed or wanted to be. While demonstrating their power to Magneto, they traveled to an unknown cosmic location, stealing a pyramid shaped object called the Mysterium Tremendum.[1]



The Peak VII, teleportation through Manifold, Blink, Vanisher, Lila Cheney, Gateway, Amelia Voght


  • The process consist of The Six (or mutants with powers similar them for the teleportation process as backups), working as circuits with their own unique designation in the grand scheme of multiversal teleportation. The team consist of 6 teleporters and 5 others whom powers are uniquely needed:
    • A high-level technopathic mutant is needed to adjust and unify the powers of the teleporters for the process, they are called the Control (currently Wiz-Kid, with Forge as backup).
    • A mutant with the power to form protective exoskeletons is needed for protection of the teleporters through space, they are called the Shield (currently Armor with Skids as backup).
    • A power manipulating mutant is needed to increase the powers of the teleporters, they are called the Power (currently Fabian Cortez, with an unknown mutant as backup).
    • A mutant with telescopic/microscopic/spectroscopic vision is needed to examine, see, and discern Kirbon particles, they are known as the Eye (currently Peeper, with Doc as backup).
    • A mutant with implosive field generation or similar powers to protect the teleporters from Kirbon fields, they are known as the Foundry (currently Risque, with Zorn as backup).
    • A space-folding mutant is needed to guide the teleportation process, they are known as the Guide (currently Manifold, with no backup). Any mid-to-long range teleporter can be used considering their availability, but currently listed as stand ins or replacements for the current team are Nightcrawler and Magik.

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