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Six American Warriors
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Six Forgotten Warriors
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Super-soldiers created by the US government
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New York City
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The original super-soldier formula which created Captain America had been destroyed by Nazi spies, and the chief scientist Reinstein killed. However, other scientists were able to create an imperfect version of the serum. Thus, each of five volunteers were affected differently, with their own unique powers which were very different from Captain America's. Also, their powers weren't permanent, and they were forced to ration their powers with keys. The five volunteers and Captain America formed the Six American Warriors.

The American Six embarked on many adventures. However, when they tried to stop the Red Skull from acquiring a doomsday device, Captain America became trapped in a vortex along with the Skull. After the war ended, the remaining five were ordered to disband.

Fifty years later, the Kingpin tried to acquire the doomsday weapon by hunting down the five warriors and stealing their keys to the doomsday site. The five were subsequently reunited and teamed up with Spider-Man to stop him. When they arrived at the doomsday site, the Kingpin's warrior Chameleon betrayed the crime lord and released his step-father, the Red Skull, from the vortex. The Red Skull continued his doomsday plot, turning his son into Electro. The Six American Warriors and Spider-Man were able to defeat Electro, but Captain America and the Red Skull became re-trapped in the vortex. After, the remaining five warriors disbanded once again.[1]


Weapons: Captain America's Shield

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