The embodiment of the Sixth Cosmos and fifth Multiverse; was the inventor of science and the builder of the junction to everywhere.[1]

Towards the period of multiversal renewal, in which he would give way for a new personification of the Multiverse to rise in his place, the Sixth Cosmos approached Galan of Taa and merged his essence with him, leading to the birth of Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, in the Seventh Cosmos.[7][5][3][2] Afterwards, the Sixth Cosmos went to another plane of existence like his predecessors before him.[1]

During the Eternity War, he was summoned along his counterparts by Eternity to thwart the plans of the First Firmament, who sought to reclaim its position as everything that is. After the First Firmament was restrained, the cosmoses returned with it to their plane of existence, in hopes to heal their kin.[1]

  • Even though this Multiverse is not given a name, it's referred as "The Sixth [Cosmos]" in Ultimates 2 #100.

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