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The embodiment of the Sixth Cosmos and the fifth Multiverse. He was the inventor of science and the builder of the "junction to everywhere."[5]

Towards the period of multiversal renewal (a recurrent process in which the Multiverse dies and is reborn in a new embodied form), the Sixth Cosmos approached the mortal Galan of the planet Taa and merged his essence with Galan, leading to the birth of Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds.[7][6][4][1] The Sixth Cosmos then died as he was consumed by the cosmic entity known as the Black Winter, and as a part of the natural cycle was replaced by the Seventh Cosmos. After dying, the Sixth Cosmos went to the ethereal location known as the Far Shore like his predecessors before him.[5]

During the Eternity War, the Sixth Cosmos was summoned alongside his counterparts by Eternity to thwart the plans of the First Firmament, who sought to reclaim his position as everything that is. After the First Firmament was restrained, the cosmoses took him to the Next Place, where they planned to heal him.[5]


  • Even though this Multiverse is not given a name, it's referred to as "The Sixth [Cosmos]" in Ultimates 2 #100.

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