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Synopsis for "King Of The Savage Land Part 1"

A warrior of the Fall People flees from a pair of tyrannosaurus rex when he is saved by Skaar, who has just recently made his home in the Savage Land. He knocks one down, prompting the other to flee. Skaar then begins wrapping vines around the dinosaur's maw like a bridle. He is approached by Shanna the She-Devil and her son Matthew. Shanna tells Skaar that if he wanted a dinosaur to ride, she and Ka-Zar could have provided one. However, the Son of Hulk has no interest in riding a broken best. He mocks them for not being savage enough and wonders how they could survive, especially since Shanna is playing babysitter for a young boy. Shanna explains that this is her son, and that she brought him to meet Skaar since they are roughly the same age. Suddenly, the t-rex wakes up and gets up and runs off, knocking Skaar over. He realizes too late that the vines he was using are wrapped around his leg, and he gets dragged through the jungle. The t-rex comes across another dinosaur and begins fighting and it gets knocked off a cliff. Skaar can do nothing as he is dragged over the edge himself.

Meanwhile, in the village of the Fall People, Ka-Zar addresses a delegation of tribal elders of the Savage Land and the United Nations. He has called them together to convince them that they have nothing to fear from the outside world. He suggests that they can profit from making international treaties with other nations. This is met with protest from Truvon, the elder of the Fall People. He tell them all that being tainted by the outside world was the very reason why the Savage Land was hidden and tells the other elders to not leave the decisions of their lands with someone who was not even born there. He mocks Ka-Zar for wearing a suit, tells him that he is a child of two worlds, but does not have the blood of the Savage Land in his veins. He tells Ka-Zar that he has forgotten the origins of the Savage Land if he ever truly understood them.

At that moment, Skaar wakes up at the bottom of the chasm he fell into. Trapped with no way back up, Skaar has no other choice but venture into a tunnel in the hopes it will lead him back up to the surface. He sees something emitting sparks at the other end of the tunnel, Skaar calls out a warning to whatever it is, of his strength and power. While at the top of the chasm, Shann and Matthew have caught up and call out to their newfound ally. Shanna assures her son that Skaar is too powerful to perish from such a fall, but knows that he usually finds trouble. Suddenly, Skaar is knocked out of the pit by a massive robot. The robot is trying to destroy Skaar in order to protect a ship he is guarding. Skaar regains his footing and knocks the robot back down the hole, sending it crashing into the ship. This damages a containment unit that causes a strange red mist to seep it out. Rejoicing of its freedom, this mist is happy to find itself back in its hope. Rising out of the pit, the mist then takes possession of Shanna's body. This being then begins to cry as it's creation, the Savage Land, belongs to him.

While back at the Tribal Council citadel, Ka-Zar is on the balcony with his faithful sabretooth tiger, Zabu. He confides in the tiger that the longer he spends in the Savage Land, the more civilized he becomes, spending more time in council meetings than living off the land. His thoughts are interrupted by Artur who tells him that there is a situation of his wife. He rushed back down to the council room and is horrified to see his wife is slaughtering the UN deligates. The being possessing Shanna pronounces that the Savage Land belongs to it. Back out in the jungles, Skaar continues to battle the robot, which he learns was trying to contain something called the Designer. With the Designer now free, the robot tries to incapacitate the Son of Hulk with a powerful jolt of electricity. This does little to stop Skaar, but before the battle begins they are interrupted by Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur. Moon Boy pronounces that they are the most savage of the Savage Land.

Solicit Synopsis

The Son of Hulk conquers a new world! Though Ka-Zar has long ruled the Savage Land, a battle for dominance is coming, and Skaar is not the only contender. It’s dinosaurs, giant robots and an ancient evil mastermind in Marvel’s finest jungle adventure tradition that will redraw the map of the Savage Land forever!


Continuity Notes

  • Ka-Zar is called out on the fact that he has forgotten or never understood the origins of the Savage Land. The Beyonders commissioned the Nuwali to create the Savage Land as explained in Fantastic Four #316. The Nuwali's creation of the Savage Land was covered in Ka-Zar the Savage #34.

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