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Synopsis for "King of the Savage Land Part 2"

Shanna the She-Devil has been possessed by the Designer, a being that apparently created the Savage Land. In the Elder's Council Citadel, she has begun to slaughter the United Nations delegates that have come to established trade deals with the Savage Land. The Designer announces that it has come to retake the Savage Land and gives all outsiders a day to leave its domain or be killed. Ka-Zar calls out to his wife, asking her what she is doing. Charging at his wife, he is shocked when she takes her sword and stabs him in the shoulder. The Designer tells Ka-Zar that the body of his wife is now under its control. When it is about to land a killing blow, Zabu leaps to aid his master.

Elsewhere in the Savage Land, Skaar is still battling the robot that was supposed to keep the Designer contained. He is assisted by Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur. At first, the robot electrifies its body, shocking Devil Dinosaur aside. Skaar grabs Devil by the tail and tosses it at the robot with such force that the tyrannosaurus bites the robot in half. Skaar remarks that whatever the robot was programmed to protect must have been powerful to warrant such a defense.

Meanwhile, back at the citadel, the Designer uses its power over all natives of the Savage Land to make Zabu yeild to its will. It then remarks how powerful its creations are and wants to show the world this strength. It then announces itself as the creator of the Savage Land. Truvon recognizes that the Designer is speaking the language of the Nuwali and he and his fellow Fall People cheer for the return of their creators. Seeing his wife in this current state makes Ka-Zar wonder what became of his son Matthew. Back in the jungle, Skaar tries to get into the ship but finds it is sealed off. He tries to tell this to Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur, but figures they cannot understand him because they don't speak English. That's when they are joined by Matthew Plunder, who tells him that the pair were asked by his father to keep an eye on Skaar. He then tells Skaar that his mother changed and tried to kill him and he fled into the jungle. Matthew pleads to Skaar to do something to help his mother.

At that moment, the surviving members of the United Nations have decided to leave. Ka-Zar begs them to help him liberate the Savage Land from the Designer. They refuse to do anything as the tribes of the Savage Land voted the Designer as their leader and the UN will not interfere with a democratic society, nor do they have the forces to go to war against the Savage Land. As the planes pull out, Ka-Zar is approached by some Fall People who tell him that he doesn't belong in the Savage Land and orders him to leave or face the consequences. However, Ka-Zar isn't' giving up without a fight and easily defeats the three warriors. He grabs a spear and heads back to the citadel to confront the Designer. Not far away, Matthew and Skaar witness the UN planes leaving. When Matthew once again pleads Skaar for help, the Son of Hulk refuses, saying that he is not part of Matthew's family and that if there is danger coming, he will do what he can to protect the refugees from the planet Sakaar.

Back at the citadel, the Designer tells Truvon that it is still weak but its power continues to grow the longer it is in contact with the Savage Land. Soon, it will begin purifying its creation. Truvon tells the Designer that he will follow the creator's will. The Designer orders the destruction of the tribes that were against turning rule over to the Designer. Hearing this, Ka-Zar rushes to the nearest village to raise the alarm. Meanwhile, Skaar and Matthew head to New Imperia, the refuge for the last surviving citizens of Sakaar. However, as they make their way there they feel the ground begin to quake as an army of Savage Land natives storm the village with a horde of dinosaurs.

Solicit Synopsis

The Son of Hulk conquers a new world! Though Ka-Zar has long ruled the Savage Land, a battle for dominance is coming, and Skaar is not the only contender. It’s dinosaurs, giant robots and an ancient evil mastermind in Marvel’s finest jungle adventure tradition that will redraw the map of the Savage Land forever!


Continuity Notes

  • Truvon recognizes the Designer's language as that of the Nuwali. The Nuwali created the Savage Land, as revealed in Ka-Zar the Savage #34.

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