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Synopsis for "King Of The Savage Land Part 3"

Released from its prison, the Designer has possessed Shanna the She-Devil and taken control of the Savage Land. It has ordered the elimination of all those who do not belong in their domain. Soon, an army of Fall People -- astride on Dinosaurs -- attack the village of New Imperia, the home of Sakaaran refugees who are trapped on Earth. Arriving the scene is Skaar, the Son of Hulk, as well as Ka-Zar and Shanna's son, Matthew Plunder, Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur. They witness as a female Sakaaran and her child are about to be trampled by some stampeding dinosaurs, but they are rescued when Ka-Zar swings in on a vine and carries them to safety. Skaar and Matthew are then surrounded by velociraptors and as Skaar fights them off, a group of Fall People grab Matthew and carry him away. Torn between saving the Sakaaran refugees or Matthew, Skaar decides to help his people. Promising Matthew that he will find him, he then rushes off to help the Sakaarans. Skaar quickly sends the dinosaurs fleeing, saving the lives of the remaining Sakaarans. In the aftermath of the battle, Ka-Zar thanks Skaar for protecting his son, unaware that the boy had been kidnapped, and then asks him where his son is.

Meanwhile, at the Tribal Citadel, the Designer looks up at the sky and notices the stars are different and wonders how many centuries it was imprisoned before it got free and took possession of Shanna the She-Devil. However, the Designer decides to use its power to raise the ground beneath the citadel making it tower over the Savage Land. It vows to use its power to make his domain a power to be reckoned with. However, the expenditure of energy takes its toll on Shanna's body, weakening the Designer and causing Shanna's nose to bleed. Back in the jungle, Ka-Zar begins striking Skaar after he learns that his son was kidnapped. Skaar explains his responsibility to his people and how if the Fall People wanted to kill Matthew, they would have done it on the spot. Ka-Zar is still mad and tells Skaar to stay with his people while he goes to save his son. However, Skaar tells Ka-Zar that he is facing a war and he needs Skaar. Since Ka-Zar is a born leader, he says he needs him to lead him. Ka-Zar agrees and enlists Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur to help track Matthew's scent.

Moon Boy, Devil Dinosaur, and Skaar then begin tracking the boy and they soon find themselves at some ancient ruins that ring a strange dark pit. In order to sneak into the pit, Skaar and Moon Boy hide inside Devil's mouth in the hopes the Fall People will mistake him for one of their own dinosaurs. Sure enough, when Devil Dinosaur approaches the guards they believe it to be tame and corals him with the others. At nightfall, Skaar emerges from Devil's mouth and heads toward the massive pit. At the bottom of the steps, he sees a black void and can only hear the sound of rustling wind. Stepping into the darkness, Skaar is pulled across the universe and lands on an alien world. After a rough landing, he finds himself face-to-face with the ancient cowboy known as Kid Colt.

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The Son of Hulk conquers a new world! Though Ka-Zar has long ruled the Savage Land, a battle for dominance is coming, and Skaar is not the only contender. It’s dinosaurs, giant robots and an ancient evil mastermind in Marvel’s finest jungle adventure tradition that will redraw the map of the Savage Land forever!


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