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Synopsis for "King Of The Savage Land Part 4"

With the Savage Land conquered by the Designer, Ka-Zar flees across the jungle, chased by warriors of the Fall People. As he leaps off a cliff he is struck in the leg and lands in the maw of a Pterodactyl. As it flies him to the border between the Savage Land and Antarctica, he stabs it through the eye with his spear. Both fall to the snow covered ground, Ka-Zar narrowly avoiding to fall into an ice chasm. Believing that he has failed his wife and son, Ka-Zar blacks out. Suddenly, a group of men wearing parkas come upon his unconscious body.

Elsewhere in the universe, Skaar tries to punch through the portal barrier that brought him there from the Savage Land. He is told the futility of his actions by the famous gunfighter known as Kid Colt. Colt explains who he is but he isn't sure where they are, he figures it might be India or Alabama, or they are dead. When Skaar asks why Kid Colt thinks that he is dead. Colt explains that he was tired of the gunfighting life and faked his death. However, he has no recollection as to how he ended up in this domain. He isn't sure if it's because something erased his mind or his years of drinking and opiate use has affected his memory. Skaar as if there is anyone sane around, and is surprised to discover that Matthew Plunder is also a prisoner here. He points out that they all traveled through a wormhole, that are common in the Savage Land, and that he was warned as a child to avoid them. Matthew explains that people get lost here and never return. He explains that time passes differently here and that people arrived through various means if they remember how they got there at all. Realizing that he has a ready-made island, Skaar leads them to charge toward the wormhole, determined to break through it.

Meanwhile, the Designer opens a line of communication with the United Nations in New York. She tells the delegates that they are to bow down to the Savage Land or being destroyed. That's when Commander Steve Rogers addresses the Designer, telling it that the UN is sending fighter jets to attack the Council Citadel. However, Designer uses its power to erect a dome around the Savage Land, that the planes crash into. It then warns Rogers that soon the United Nations and the US government will cease to exist once it uses its power to shift the axis of the planet. It gives them one last chance to surrender or die. Steve terminates the call and tells the UN to get in touch with the Avengers. Back in the Savage Land, the Designer feels weak from expending too much power than its human host can handle. It explains to Truvon that this time is growing short as this host body will soon die so it moves forward to burn the world.

At that moment, Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur have been discovered by the Fall People guarding the wormhole. They beat up Moon Boy, but the primitive begins to smile when the warriors look at what Moon Boy is looking at. They see Ka-Zar astride a Pterodactyl leading an army of others as well as the ancient bi-plane of the Phantom Eagle. When the Fall People prepare for a counter attack, the wormhole suddenly begins to flash. Suddenly, Skaar and his army emerge from the wormhole and charge toward the warriors as well.

Solicit Synopsis

PHANTOM EAGLE RETURNS TO FLY OVER SAVAGE SKIES! World War I’s ace fighter pilot was shot dead in Germany 90 years ago, but his spirit lives on – in the Savage Land? Skaar has fallen into an ancient trap from which no soul has ever returned, and Ka-Zar’s kingdom stands defenseless. Who remains to turn the tide of the Designer’s march of genocide? Witness the latest flight of the Phantom Eagle with an army the likes of which the Marvel Universe has never seen before!


Continuity Notes

  • Kid Colt states that he was killed in a gun battle according to legends. He is referring to the events of Blaze of Glory #14, wherein Kid Colt was apparently killed.

Chronology Notes

This story takes place between the events of another story affecting the chronology of the following characters:


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