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Synopsis for "King Of The Savage Land Part 5"

The Previous Night

After being injured and dropped in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, Ka-Zar was rescued by men who worship the World War I pilot known as the Phantom Eagle. Patching up his injuries and giving food, Ka-Zar witnesses as one of the followers of the Phantom Eagle reads from his diary of his last mission that left him stranded in the Savage Land. Suddenly, this follower is possessed by the spirit of the Phantom Eagle. Ka-Zar asks how they will stop the Designer with only one old World War I biplane. However, the Phantom Eagle shows Ka-Zar their "fleet" of trained Pterodactyls.


As Ka-Zar leads the Phantom Eagle and his warriors from the air, Skaar leads the charge of time displaced soldiers trapped in a wormhole on the ground against the forces of the Fall People. Meanwhile, the Designer feels its host body becoming weaker and weaker. As the battle rages on, Ka-Zar's Pterodactyl is fatally shot, but he is able to leap onto the wing of the Phantom Eagle's wing. Meanwhile, outside, the Avengers are trying to punch through the barrier that has been erected around the Savage Land. However, despite constant blows by some of the team's heaviest hitters, they cannot pierce the barrier. Commander Steve Rogers fears that there is nothing they can do to stop the Designer.

Back on the battlefield, Skaar pushes his troops forward, and Ka-Zar realizes that the Son of Hulk will lead them to victory. Back at the citadel, the Designer continues to weaken as his host body starts to die. Truvon comes to the side of his master and asks if he should get a doctor. However, the Designer won't give up without a fight and goes to its pool of lava to summon something that will turn the tide of battle. By this point, Skaar and his army have fought the Fall People to the point of surrender. Skaar then promises Matthew that he will save his mother before anything can happen. Suddenly, the Designer summons the massive robot known as Umbu that has been buried under the Savage Land for years. Ka=Zar recognizes the robot from when he fought it with the Hulk. From the Phantom Eagle's plane, he warns Skaar that Umbu has a doomsday machine inside it that will slow the Earth's rotation until all life is extinct. From Umbu's shoulder, the Designer vows to destroy what it has created.

Skaar looks around and sees his fellow warriors falling all around him and refuses to let his new home be destroyed. Channeling the Old Power from the wormhole, Skaar leaps into the chest of Umbu and rips out the doomsday weapon and tosses it to the ground. When it smashes to pieces, Umbu suddenly shuts down. Skaar then leaps up onto Umbu's shoulder with Ka-Zar. There the Designer attempts on final blast, hitting Skaar. It doesn't harm Skaar, but Shanna collapses to the ground and stops breathing. As Ka-Zar gives his wife CPR, the spirit of the Designer leaves her body and possesses Truvon. However, before he can kill Ka-Zar, Zabu attacks and tosses Truvon off the side of Umbu sending him falling to his death. In the aftermath of the battle, Ka-Zar reports that his wife is still alive. Skaar is then cheered as a hero. As the people cheer for Skaar, Ka-Zar congratulates Skaar for winning the title as king of the Savage Land.

Solicit Synopsis

The final battle to rule the Savage Land comes to a devastating end! As Skaar and Ka-Zar risk everything to save the planet, the Designer resurrects the alien colossus UMBU THE UNLIVING to ensure that if it can’t have the world, no one can! Who will survive, and who will be crowned the ultimate King of the Savage Land?


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