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Quote1.png The humans would call you a monster... too angry... too strong... too beautiful for their puny planet... but this world is yours. Quote2.png
Caiera the Oldstrong

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Synopsis for "Cradle of Fire"

The spirit of Caiera the Oldstrong speaks to her child about how his father, the Hulk, came to the planet Sakaar. Where he rose from a monster and a gladiator slave to being the king of this land ruling with Caiera as his queen. She was pregnant with his child, but when a warp core explosion destroyed Crown City she was incinerated. Her final words to her husband was that she would never leave his side. Unknown to the Hulk at the time, his wife used the last vestige of the Old Power to turn her womb into solid rock, protecting it when it landed into the molten core of Sakaar. The Hulk was too furious to be aware that his son still lived and soon left for Earth to get revenge against those who he blamed for the destruction of his new life.

However, the Son of Hulk survived and grew strong in the lava, breaking free from his stone womb and rose from the lava. Upon his emergence, the first thing the young boy did was smash an insect and eat it. Suddenly, he is attacked by a pack of Brood-Sakaaran hybrids. Although swarmed the savage child, Skaar, slaughters on the hybrids and begins to eat it. However, the battle is soon interrupted by a massive insectoid creature, naturally, Skaar and the hybrids attack the creature together.

One Month Later:

Skaar has now become part of the hybrid pack and one day while they are feeding they hear the panicked cries of some Sakaaran Imperials running for their lives from someone named Axeman Bone who is after their babies. When the hybrids try to attack the refugees, Skaar pushes them aside so he can get the first crack at them himself. However, before Skaar can cause any damage, the warriors of Axeman Bone arrive and begin pelting the refugees with spears. Skaar and two of the hybrids flee into the brush and wait until the war party passes through. In the aftermath of the battle, the Son of Hulk goes to one of the dead bodies and lifts its hand and when it falls lifelessly back to its original position, it causes Skaar to pause and try to understand.

One Year Later:

A group of Shadow People are on the move with a young man they call their savior. However, this youth suddenly stops. When the others look to see what he senses through binoculars. There they see the entire army of barbarians being led by Axeman Bone on his massive dragon coming for them. While the other Shadow People flee for cover, the child they call savior stands his ground to face the oncoming barbarian horde. Chained to a post on the dragon's saddle is an elderly Shadow Priest who points out the so-called savior. Seeing the boy channeling the Old Power, the priest claims that this is the Son of Hulk. Axeman Bone leaps from his dragon and easily slays the child with his massive weapon, much to the dismay of his followers.

Believing the Son of Hulk to be dead, Axeman Bone orders his men to round up the Shadow People and put them among their slaves so they can be part of their celebrations. As the slaves wait to be killed and eaten by the cannibalistic barbarians, one of their captors asks who wants to go first. One of the elderly prisoners begs him not to boil a captured hybrid, as their screams are horrible to listen to. Since it will cause the slaves displeasure, the barbarian decides to boil the creature. However, no sooner does he grab the hybrid does someone cleave his arm clean off. His screams attract the attention of Axeman Bone in his tent as well as other warriors nearby. This attacker is Skaar, the true Son of Hulk, who easily slaughters the barbarians. When the slaves try to escape, Axeman Bone arrives looking forward to the challenge of fighting Skaar.


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