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Quote1 I used to mock the humans for their fear. They were too scared, too weak, too foolish to see the hero within the Hulk. But now I look upon you, my beautiful son...and I understand. Quote2

Appearing in "Silver Surfer Returns! Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Silver Surfer Returns! Part 4"

Confronting her son over his plans to eliminate millions of lives on planet Sakaar, Caiera the Oldstrong has the Silver Surfer take Skaar into space to show him Galactus, who is coming to consume the planet. Endowed with some of the Power Cosmic, Skaar is taken before Galactus and made to watch him prepare to consume Sakaar. As the tendrils from his planet eater descend on his homeworld, Skaar decides to fight back against Galactus, only to be blasted away as easily as one swats a fly. Skaar then races back down to the planet, where he fails to save anyone from the destruction of Sakaar at the hands of Galactus. This leaves Skaar alone floating in space. After watching the holocaust of planetary destruction, Skaar begins to cry. Suddenly, the Silver Surfer returns and teaches him the lesson about the consequences of blindly attacking everything. He had the opportunity to evacuate everyone off Sakaar but was too driven by hatred and anger to listen. Much to his surprise, Skaar discovers that this entire ordeal was all an illusion and he is sent crashing back to Sakaar where everyone is still alive and well. Having finished her intended purpose, Caiera crumbles to dust.

Falling to back to the planet's surface, Skaar has redeemed himself and his mother gives him access to the Old Power again. This allows him to summon the Stone Ships of the Shadow People so that he can evacuate the planet before Galactus does show up. However, suddenly, Skaar crashes the ship, as he refuses to allow Galactus to consume his homeworld. Skaar explains that when he was put in touch with the planet he felt everything and summons up massive machines that can channel the Old Power from across the universe and unleash it upon Galactus. This in turn will make the world devourer addicted to the Old Power and send him consuming more worlds than ever before. The Silver Surfer gives congratulations to the people of Sakaar, pointing out that they will be spared while billions elsewhere in the universe will die. After the Surfer departs, Skaar's mother returns disappointed by the path taken by her son. She decides that he is her son no longer and uses the Old Power to send Skaar into the Great Portal. As Skaar tries to struggle, Caiera prepares for the arrival of Galactus. Witnessing the world devourer arrive over Sakaar, Skar cannot hold onto the edges of the portal anymore and tumbles through it.

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