Quote1 You, you're like a buzzing in my ears calling for the Hulk. Well now you got him. So show yourself. Quote2
-- Hulk to Skaar

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Synopsis for "Skaar: Son of Hulk"

The Hulk has been drawn to Shakesville, Ohio, drawn by the presence of his son Skaar. The Hulk, in one of his more primitive forms, demands to know what Skaar wants. When Skaar points his sword at his father, seeking to fight, the gamma-spawned powerhouse is more than willing to oblige. As the two titans battle it out, Kate tells her fellow Warbound that they are in serious trouble as this fight is taking place not far from a nuclear power plant. The Hulk suddenly punches Skaar not far away, and when Korg tries to convince him to stand down he gets himself overpowered and dragged out to where the fight will continue. Korg manages to pause the father and son long enough to get them to issue their grievances.

Skaar explains that his mother called the Hulk a hero, but he questions this as what kind of hero leaves his son to burn, his people to bleed, and his world to die. In his primitive state, the Hulk doesn't understand what Skaar is talking about. Both Skaar and Korg are shocked when the Hulk doesn't remember anything of his time on Sakaar. Skaar is disappointed because he came to fight a king, not a clown. However, the Hulk gets a closer look at his son's eyes and suddenly begins to remember. Memories of Caiera and her death come flooding back. When they call Hulk the Green Scar, he suddenly explodes in a massive fit of rage, calling himself the World Breaker. However, Bruce Banner briefly reasserts control, briefly reverting back to human form. When the Hulk returns, he is back in his simple minded personality. The Hulk tells the boy to leave him alone, but Skaar wants to face his father, especially since he is responsible for his mother dying a second time and the destruction of Sakaar.

Meanwhile, the Warbound have turned their attention to containing the nuclear power plant before the collateral damage causes it to have a meltdown. Seeing this the Hulk ignores his son and leaps over to assist them in the containment. As they struggle to keep the reactor together, Kate tries to repair it with the Old Power. Things look grim until Skaar arrives and uses his superior control over the Old Power to help repair the damage. When the Warbound learn that Skaar can channel the old power, Elloe Kaifi asks why he carries a sword instead of using it. Skaar responds that it's fun and then proceeds to stab it into the Hulk's chest. He then tells them to warn the Hulk that he will come back to kill him when there is something worth killing and warns them to keep away from him. As he walks away from the scarred battlefield, Skaar remarks how this planet is his now.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the universe, the Silver Surfer visits another world where the Shadow People have settled. He has come to warn them of the coming of Galactus, who has become an even greater menace to life in the universe than ever before. He tells them about the efforts to evacuate the planet Sakaar. There, Galactus hoped to consume the planet as the Old Power which courses through it could have kept him sated for thousands of years and spared countless worlds of his hunger. However, during the final confrontation between Caiera Oldstrong and her son Skaar, the situation became dramatically worse. As the Silver Surfer was helping refugees flee the planet, he witnesses as Galactus destroyed Caiera. Watching his mother perish, while struggling with the portal she was exiling him to Earth with, Skaar channeled the Old Power and used it to infect Galactus before being pulled away. This dramatically changed things. Instead of being satisfied with the Old Power energies of Sakaar, Galactus grew addicted to it, requiring him to feed more frequently than ever before, putting all planets with a vestige of the Old Power at risk of imminent destruction. He warns the Shadow People of this world to flee the planet and always remember to honor Caiera while cursing her son.

Back on Earth, Skaar has reverted back to his humanoid form, the frail boy looks at his reflection in the water and damns himself.


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