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Quote1.png I'm not the Sakaarson...but I'll see what I can do. Quote2.png
Silver Surfer

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  • Statues of the Silver Surfer, Nova, and Thor


Synopsis for "Heroes and Monsters"

Seeking out the source of the Old Power, Skaar and his allies have discovered that the technology was stolen by the Wildebots and taken to the walled city of Okini. To get there, they have to cross a deadly field of lava. Seeing the deadly path ahead of them, Old Sam petitions Skaar not to go any further for fear of safety of the pilgrims that now follow them. However, Princess Omaka points out that if they turn back they will just be putting themselves in the hands of Axeman Bone and his barbarian horde. Suddenly, they are attacked by a Makaw Magong, but Skaar easily slays it. Needing a means of getting across the lava, the pilgrims use a chunk of rock that Skaar drags across the sea of molten rock like a crude life raft.

Along the way, one of the Shadow People has come to believe that Skaar is not the Sakaarson, but the Worldbreaker. Old Sam scoffs at this, telling them that the legends are foolish, and he should know, because he was the one who invented them. Old Sam tells how 200 years ago he was among the Shadow People who were forced away by the Sakaarans during the dust plagues. They had withdrawn into the Vanishing Tower where they attempted to preserve the sciences of their people. Until the day the Spikes came and threatened the world, while his fellow priests refused to get involved, Old Sam left. He traveled to the Saka Temple of He'el. There he convinced the priests, who were ignorant of the science, to use the warp engine of their power source - an old Stone Ship. With it, Old Sam opened the great portal on Sakaar, in the hopes that it would bring a savior to their world and liberate it from tyranny. He then went on to foster the myths and legends about the Sakaarson over the convening years. The people of Sakaar built a massive temple to worship the coming of the Sakaar son.

Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as planned, as the first beings through the portal were the Death's Head Guards. Although the Death's Head Guard helped win the Spike war for King Angmo I, they were used as a means of slaughtering the opponents of his son, the Red King Angmo-Asan. Finishing his story, Old Sam apologizes for deceiving them all. This makes Princes Omaka furious, as the Death's Head Guard wiped out her entire village. She is about to run the elderly Shadow through, but Skaar warns her against it. Old Sam points out that Skaar will help their world, reminding them that whenever there was danger, he protected the weak. Skaar responds by saying that Old Sam doesn't know who he is. The wily old man smiles and remarks that there is one last test that will prove who the Son of Hulk really is.

Just before they reach the end of the lava flow, they are suddenly attacked by the forces of Axeman Bone who are traveling on flying platforms. Quickly, Skaar dumps the pilgrims onto dry land. As they flee to the walled city, Skaar holds off the invaders. As Princess Omaka bangs on the front gate, demanding entrance, they are surprised when a shield suddenly forms around the city, blocking further shots from the barbarian's weapons. Everyone is shocked when the gate opens and they are greeted by Angmo-Asan, the former Red King of Sakaar, who has been rebuilt into a massive cyborg body. Princess Omaka instantly attacks him for murdering her family, but Angmo fends off the attacks, explaining after he was defeated by the Hulk he was repaired by the Wildebots and has learned from his destructive ways. The refugees pause long enough to see that Okini is a veritable paradise with plenty of food and shelter for them all. Angmo then shows them the device they have sought, prepared by the Wildebots who were anticipating the arrival of Skaar. Before the Son of Hulk can touch the device, Old Sam warns him not to, not able to bring himself to trust the former Red King.

Angmo explains how he rescued people from the ruins of Crown City and brought them here to live in peace. Although the others are willing to accept this, Princess Okama cannot. She and her loyal guards quickly grab a flying platform and flee outside of the city. There they find Axeman Bone and his warriors trying to punch through the shield, to no avail. Princess Okama approaches the barbarian leader, and offers to join his side, warning that Skaar is about to access the Old Power. As she is saying this, Skaar places his hand on the device, activating the Old Power within. As Skaar begins to absorb the great power, the entire planet begins to shake. Some distance away, a group of "broken believers" beg to someone they think as the true Sakaarson and ask him for his help. This being is none other than the Silver Surfer. Although he doesn't believe that he is the Sakaarson, he tells these refugees that he will see what he can do.


Continuity Notes

  • The refugees believe the Silver Surfer might be the Sakaar son, which was something that was briefly believed by the people of Sakaar during the Surfer's previous time on the planet in Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #9495.

Chronology Notes

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