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Quote1 In every corner of this world...children screaming. Killers laughing. Blood seeping into the sand and stone. No more waiting. No more words. I am Skaar...killer of killers. And I will wipe this world clean. Quote2

Appearing in "Return of the Silver Savage"

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Synopsis for "Return of the Silver Savage"

The Silver Surfer surveys the broken world of Sakaar and thinks over the danger posed by Skaar, the Son of Hulk, as he was an undying savage who knows only pain and suffering. Now that Skaar has claimed the Old Power, he uses it to turn Sakaar into a swirling wasteland of lava and destruction. Although the Surfer can understand why Skaar would react in such a way, he cannot allow everyone on the planet to be wiped out, as Sakaar has been selected to be consumed by his master, Galactus. Around the city of Okini, Skaar revels in the Old Power as it connects him to the entire planet and everyone on it. He then turns his attention to a long scientist as he has learned that he was one of the individuals who planted the compromised warp drive onto the Hulk's ship, causing the destruction of Crown City. The man pleads that he was doing so under the command of the Red King, however, Angmo-Asan points out that he had already been ousted as ruler of Sakaar when they carried out their task and were under no such orders. In response, the Son of Hulk channels a flow of lava and uses it to incinerate the man responsible for the death of his mother.

Channeling his voice through the very ground, Skaar addresses the Fillians who surround the city and sentence them to death. The ground suddenly opens up and Axeman Bone and Princes Omaka witness as the entire horde falls into the molten lava beneath. Quickly realizing that Skaar can detect them as long as they touch the ground, Axeman and Omaka leap onto one of the flying platforms. Skaar congratulates them for such a tactic but tells Axeman Bone that he is now aware of his daughter some three thousand stonesteps away. Old Sam tries to convince Skaar to stop, that this isn't what he was trained for. However, Hiro-Kala can sense that things are going wrong as the minds of the Oldstrongs of the past, including Skaar's mother, are now fading away as Skaar absorbs more and more of the Old Power. Hiro-Kala pleads to Skaar to stop, but the Son of Hulk refuses, as he wants to wipe out everything on this cruel and unforgiving world.

Before he can, Skaar is suddenly attacked by the Silver Surfer. The Surfer tries to stop Skaar, explaining that he needs to use his power to evacuate this world before Galactus arrives. As the two clash, Skaar demands to know who he is. The Silver Surfer explains that he is the herald of Galactus, who feeds on worlds to sustain himself, and that planet Sakaar will be the next world Galactus consumes. He explains that never has Galactus detected a world such as this, and the energies drained from Sakaar will sustain Galactus for thousands of years, sparing billions of lives that would otherwise be snuffed out to sate his endless hunger. However, Skaar refuses to listen and the two continue to battle, threatening to rip the entire world asunder. With no other choice, the Silver Surfer uses his Power Cosmic to heal the planet, cutting off the Old Power from Skaar. With the Old Power locked away, there is no means of leaving the planet and the Surfer is too weak to do anything but return to his master and bring him to Sakaar. However, before the Silver Surfer can leave on his board, Skaar manages to tag him with an Obedience Disk that quickly incapacitates him. The Surfer pleads to Skaar to let him go as he cannot defy his master, Skaar tells the Surfer that he serves a new master now.

Solicit Synopsis

The soothsayers sing: One day, green-hued giants will clash on the broken battlefields of savage Sakaar. One day the son will confront the father who abandoned him to monsters and madmen. But before Skaar can meet the Hulk, he must survive today's terrible clash. And even with all his rage and strength, what hope can he have against the return of the SILVER SAVAGE? The Silver Surfer returns to Sakaar as a new story-arc begins!


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