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Quote1.png Hear me, Skaar. I died protecting you with my Old Power. I tried to guide you through this savage world. I warned you of the doom you chose. But you closed your ears. Let's see whether you'll listen any better... to your father. Quote2.png
Spirit of Caiera

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Synopsis for "Sins of the Son"

Along the Chaleen Plains, the last members of the former Imperial army force slaves to fortify the area in preparation for the arrival of the Fillians. However, they are not the warriors of Axeman Bone, but Kram, Hiro-Kala and Old Sam who slay the guards and inform the slaves that they have come to free them. They then tell the slaves to run because Skaar is coming. This confuses the slaves, as they were led to believe that the Son of Hulk was their savior. Ignoring the warnings of the people who freed them, and rise up in arms to attack the other soldiers. However, they are soon blasted away by the Power Cosmic of the Silver Surfer, who has been enslaved by Skaar with an Obedience Disk. The slaves are further shocked to discover that Skaar is enlisting these former members of the Red King's regime to help fight Axeman Bone. More horrifying is that the Red King is now a member of Skaar's entourage. Seeing their former master leader the soldiers instantly fall in line. Agnmo-Asan tells them that they will pledge their allegiance to Skaar. Skaar demands to see the soldier's kills and he shows the ears, teeth and scalps of those he killed. When he then asks the slaves to show their kills, Hiro-Kala spits in Skaar's face. This amuses the Son of Hulk who departs with the warriors, leaving the slaves behind.

Later, as Skaar's growing army marches on, one of the Imperial soldiers is proud to see the Silver Surfer among their ranks. However, the Surfer points out that he has been enslaved by an Obedience Disk, and how Skaar briefly gained the full Old Power, touched everyone on the planet, and has vowed to kill ever murderer on the planet. When the soldier remarks how great it is to be on his side, this is met with grim silence from the Silver Surfer. Soon they arrive at one of Axeman Bone's camp where Skaar orders that they plow through. When the Surfer expresses concerns over some innocent people, Skaar makes it his responsibility to save them while he and the others launch their attack. As Skaar and his warriors slaughter the barbarians, this is witnesses by the spirit of his mother. She is horrified to see her son has become a monster and brands him as her enemy. The Surfer hears it as well, and asks him to listen, but Skaar believes she is only whining. The Surfer comments on how Skaar's father never fought with this savagery. Skaar thinks that his father should have.

Meanwhile in the Fillian capital of It'Jam, in the Temple of Blood and Justice, Axeman Bone asks his daughter Lihla how she survived after Skaar threatened to kill her. Although the young girl doesn't know, Princess Okama points out that Old Sam said that the Son of Hulk won't harm the innocent. With Skaar and his forces approaching the Axeman Bone orders the dragons to be awoken. When Skaar and his armies arrive, Princess Okama is there to greet him. When he learns that she isn't there to turn over the head of Axeman Bone, he tells her to prepare for her end. Suddenly, massive dragons come ripping out of the ground. The Silver Surfer quickly informs Skaar that there are slaves trapped in the temple. Meanwhile, Axeman Bone and his warriors try to flee by boat. However, Bone notices that his daughter is not present and uses a flying platform to go rescue her from the temple. Lihla explains that she stayed because when she touched the mind of Skaar, she saw all the atrocities and that he and Skaar both must battle to the death. When Skaar leaps after Axeman Bone is is suddenly struck by a powerful force. Crashing to the ground, Skaar looks up to see what appears to be his father, the Hulk, standing over him.

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