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Quote1 Silver Savage. I command you. Take this boy and show him what he thinks he wants. Show him what it means to be a god. Quote2

Appearing in "The Fist of the Father"

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Synopsis for "The Fist of the Father"

Kram, Hiro-Kala and Old Sam follow the path of death and destruction caused by Skaar and his army through the land of the Fillians. When they arrive Fillia they are shocked to see massive dragons have surrounded the Temple of Blood and Justice. In the middle of this ring of dragons is Skaar who has come face-to-face with what appears to be his father, the Hulk. Regardless of the recriminations from his father, Skaar fights free from his father's grasp so he can finish the task of killing Axeman Bone. The dragons, however, are still posing a risk to the innocent people. This forces Skaar and the Hulk to fight off the dragons to save the others. As Skaar slays the dragons, the Hulk learns how his son has enslaved the Silver Surfer with an Obedience Disk. The former Red King however, willingly sided with Skaar, having changed his ways after being rebuilt by the Wildebots and they have been trying to stop Axeman Bone and his armies from slaughtering people.

The Hulk forces Axeman Bone and Angmo-Asan to kneel before him, end hostilities and pledge allegiance to Princess Okama who will rule the planet. They all leave while the Hulk goes to deal with Skaar. Skaar unleashes the Silver Surfer upon him, but the Hulk easily overpowers him. Facing his son, the Hulk demands to know why Skaar is doing this. Skaar explains that his connection to the Old Power made him see that Sakaar consists of nothing but murderers and he wants to wipe the entire planet clean. When he remarks how Hulk could never know what it was like having the Old Power. However, the "Hulk" surprises Skaar by suddenly crumbling to pieces revealing the form of Caiera the Oldstrong, Skaar's mother. She tries to get him to listen to her and take her father's way over murdering half the world. When Skaar still refuses to listen, Caiera commands the Silver Surfer to take Skaar into space and show him what the power of a god is like. Skaar is overpowered by the Surfer and sends him into space on his surfboard. Taken into the orbit around Sakaar, Skaar comes face-to-face with Galactus, the devourer of worlds.

Solicit Synopsis

Where the Hulk smashed, the Son of Hulk slaughters. Where the Hulk found wisdom, the Son of Hulk knows only wrath. But can the shining sojourner known as the Silver Surfer reveal the father to the son and awaken the man within the monster? And can Skaar in turn thwart the Surfer from leading his master Galactus to feast upon Planet Sakaar and its ancient Old Power? Shocking revelations and terrifying twists await as Skaar and the Silver Surfer face off one last time - with the fate of billions in the balance!

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