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Said to have been born on the banks of Lake Jarella, Skaar's true parentage is a complete mystery. When The Maestro arrived in Battleworld he found a teenage Skaar wandering the outskirts of Lake Jarella with nothing but his blade, Foomtooth, and hand-forged armor. The Maestro was intrigued, taking the boy under his wing and training him as the first of his Worldbreakers. Throughout his life Skaar lived in the shadow of The Maestro, often referred to derisively as "The Green Mutt" – sent by the God-King to do his dirty work.[1]

The Green Mutt

The Maestro's first and most prolific Worldbreaker, Skaar became well known amongst the other members of The Maestro's army for his strange mix of warmongery and pragmatism. This dichotomy meant he was at once loved and feared by The Maestro, who saw Skaar as the closest thing to a son he might have. Skaar would often "interpret" The Maestro's orders as loosely as possible, understanding that diplomacy often proved more effective than aggression. Over time, The Maestro began to see Skaar as a potential threat to his reign, distancing himself while not outright banishing his young protege.[1]

True Colors

While the Worldbreakers were unmatched in their abilities as implements of war, they were ill-suited to maintain the peace that Maestro had used them to forge – or rather force. The Maestro, in an act of good faith to the Houses of Battleworld, agreed to mothball his Worldbreakers and instead focus on using an army of peacekeeping robots created with the help of Stark Prime. Many Houses resisted this attempt at a false peace – most vehemently the Patriot Garrison – resulting in a titanic clash in The Oasis, a pristine desert in the west of the Gamma Horde's territory. The Battle sundered many Helicarriers, including Skaar's Helicarrier Jarella’s Justice and The Maestro's own Green Goliath. The Oasis was so scarred by the event it became known from then on as the Badlands. Skaar was thought to have died in the crash but he, like The Oasis, was merely changed by the event, not destroyed.[1]

Emerging from Exile

Skaar was now living in exile, during which time he took great pains to conceal or obfuscate his identity. Tales of an "Old Man Hulk" in the northernmost regions of the Green Desert emerged, speaking of a withered and sinewy abomination who feasted on the flesh of other Hulks to keep his strength. Some said this was a mere folk tale, and that those Hulks who died were simply those who celebrated when Skaar's Helicarrier fell from the sky, pleased that his diplomacy would no longer hinder their freedom to indulge their baser instincts for ultimate destruction. Whatever the truth was, Skaar conspicuously re-emerged soon after the death of The Maestro ready to claim his throne. Despite his reputation as a master conqueror, Skaar's return was not met by all the Tribes of the Horde with jubilation. Many have retreated to their own territories, refusing "The Green Mutt" and his new, mongrel Horde. Even among those Tribes who do kneel to the new "Prince Hulk" there is strife.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Invulnerability
  • Gamma Regeneration


  • Superior Intellect
  • Expert weapons master



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