Skaarn is an interplanetary space captain and criminal. When Nova (Sam Alexander) re-powered an abandoned Nova Corps ship set adrift in space, Skaarn, who had tricked the young Nova into helping him, managed to use the ship to escape. It took the intervention of the Korbinite warrior, Beta Ray Bill, for Sam to see his mistake.[1]

Sometime later, Skaarn used the ship to capture a group of Korbinites. Skaarn visited a speakeasy in Knowhere, looking for an available bidder. It was there that he managed to acquire a device capable of controlling a giant mechanical robot, known as the "War Bringer." Beta Ray Bill made his way inside the speakeasy, but Skaarn threatened to kill all of the slaves should he be killed or captured.

A while later, he continued to operate in Knowhere and used a teleportation apparatus, known as the "Continuum Cortex", to send Beta Ray Bill to the other side of the galaxy, leaving Sam to prevent Skaarn's plans from progressing.

Skaarn, with the help of a group of criminals, the "Disavowed of Galadoria", planned to infiltrate a heavily defended vault orbiting a quasar, which contained incredibly powerful weapons. One weapon of which, a scepter, was capable of separating entire planets.

Before Bill and Nova could use the Continuum Cortex to transfer themselves to the vault, Skaarn had already obtained the scepter, after which he engaged Nova in battle. After Skaarn lost the duel, Sam tossed the weapon to a nearby star. Bill informed Nova of the weapon's resilience, stating that "it's almost certain to survive a celestial furnace." Bill sought to retrieve the weapon.

Skaarn, in Nova's custody, was traded to Cadivan in exchange for an old Nova corpsman's helmet.[2]


Formerly a ship that once belonged to the Nova Corps


Formerly a sceptre that could destroy entire planets, alien weapons

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