Skadi was a Frost Giantess,[1] wife of Njord, daughter-in-law of Tiwaz,[3] and, according to myths, the goddess of winter.[2]

Leading Frost Giants, she allied with the Dwarves of Nidavellir against Malekith.[1]

During a random trek through her home, Skadi encountered the winged-horse Aragorn nursing wounds he had received from Malekith's demon dogs and took him under her protection.[1]

Sunspot, Danielle Moonstar and Meltdown of X-Force came across Skadi as she was tending to Aragorn's injuries. She reacted with surprise to their powers since she had never encountered either humans or mutants before. She surrendered Aragorn to them to head to Valhalla to seek the conditions of the Valkyrie imprisoned by Hela and Malekith.[1]

According to myths, Skadi was the goddess of winter, but it is possible that Kelda, goddess of winter storms was another name for her, or that the myths may overlook Kelda in favor for Skadi, because of Kelda's disinterest in adventure made her poor material for Viking sagas (or simply that Kelda's domain overlook Skadi's).[2]


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