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Skarka Tribe

Official Name
Skarka Tribe
Organization Aliases
Chasm People[1]


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Base of Operations
Atlantis;[2][3] formerly mobile, with settlements in Skarka and the Orreki Reefs; Lemuria;[4]

Organization Leader(s)

Current Members
Attuma, Gelva, Andromeda Attumasen, Arno, Tyrak, Numerous unnamed others

Nomadic Atlantean warrior-tribe

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The Skarka Tribe - also known as the Chasm People - are a clan of nomadic Atlanteans who followed seasonal migration routes ranging from Skarka in the Arctic Ocean to the Orreki Reefs in the Pacific Ocean.[5] Due to their nomadic lifestyle, the Skarka Tribe were looked down upon as barbarians by the monarchical Atlantean Empire, and often resorted to banditry when unable to hunt or forge for sufficient resources.[6]

At some point, the Skarka Tribe was enslaved by the bandit warlord Rorak, who sought to exploit a prophecy that a member of the tribe would usurp leadership of the Atlantean Empire; though the young Attuma led a rebellion and freed his people.[7] Under the leadership of Attuma's father, Attukar, the Skarka Tribe entered negotiations to integrate into the Atlantean Empire, but diplomatic talks were interrupted when the Swift Tide - an elite group of Atlantean warrior-women whose ranks included the Skarka Tribe's Garanna the Breaker - discovered the location of the Unforgotten Stone, an eldritch artifact dating back to the time of R'lyeh.[5] Attukar and the representative of Atlantis - General Krang - agreed to send Attuma and the Atlantean prince Namor to accompany the Swift Tide to recover the Unforgotten Stone, hoping to encourage a friendship between the two princes and thus further improve relations between their peoples.[1] However, the expedition ended in disaster, with the Swift Tide being corrupted into monsters by the Unforgotten Stone and going on a murderous rampage through the oceans.[8] King Attukar and the other members of the Skarka Tribe's delegation were slaughtered by the Black Tide, Attuma assuming leadership of his people and blaming Atlantis for the deaths.[9]

Under Attuma's increasingly ruthless leadership, the Skarka Tribe settled in an area of the ocean known as the Murky Depths and began waging war with the Atlantean Empire.[10] When the Fantastic Four helped route Attuma's attempted conquest of the Atlantean Empire,[11] the Skarka Tribe began seeking to conquer both Atlantis and the surface world - bringing them into conflict with the Avengers,[12] Defenders,[13] and other surface-world superhero teams as well.

Eventually, the Skarka Tribe conquered Lemuria as a stepping stone towards conquering Atlantis. However, they were thwarted by the Hulk.[14] When Attuma decided to finally set aside his grudge against Namor, the Skarka Tribe allied with Atlantis.[3]

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