Skeletron was the last of a race of robotic beings that was destroyed by a mysterious, yet great power known as the Star Brand. Seeking to obtain that power, he gathered a crew of various aliens, dubbing themselves the Starblasters, and traveled to Earth, capturing The Watcher and learning of the Brand. He, then, kidnapped Quasar's girlfriend in an attempt to obtain the power. With the aid of the Stranger, he attempted to travel to the New Universe hoping to steal the powers of the paranormals there, as they were granted power by the Brand.

However, his attempts to gain power would draw out a number of heroes, including the Inhumans, Namor, and a weakened Fantastic Four, as well as the heroes still amongst the New Universe Earth. In the end, Skeletron got his power, but at a horrible cost: the Stranger double-crossed him, shunting him into the now-lifeless New Universe with the Star Brand, while the Stranger brought the Earth of the New Universe to his Labworld.[1]

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  1. Starblast crossover.

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