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Skipbladnir,[2] Skithblathnir[3]
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Balder's Skidbladnir by the Sons of Ivaldi

Skidbladnir (literally, "assembled from thin pieces of wood") was a magical ship created by the Sons of Ivaldi, Dwarves of Nidavellir, and brought back by Loki as a gift to Balder.[1]

Thor's Skipdbladnir by Sindri

Later, King Sindri created Skipbladnir as a gift to Thor, which he used to cross the Dark Sea and reach the lands of King Mirmir.[2]

King Thor's Skithblathnir

Thor and his future self King Thor embarked aboard the flying ship Skithblathnir to assail Gorr the God Butcher.[3]

Cable's Skithblathnir

Skithblathnir from Despicable Deadpool Vol 1 290 001.jpg

Near the end of his life, Cable took Skithblathnir to the the edge of time. He laid on a bed on the deck next to a fireplace and a phone. The Cable and Deadpool from Earth-616 came to Skithblathnir and killed the elder Cable. They took the ship back to their native reality before it teleported into the Sun.[4]

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